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Beyond the Stick Figure Review – Home School Review Crew

Disclaimer: I received a FREE subscription for this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

My 7 year old, Bubby, is becoming quite the budding artist. After discovering some fun YouTube channels for how to draw some of his favorite characters I was very interested in finding him some art lessons that would teach him lots of different techniques and styles of art. I had a hard time finding something to fit the bill and our budget however. When the Homeschool Review Crew gave me the opportunity to try out Beyond the Stick Figure Complete Drawing Course PLUS 3 Bonus Courses I was ecstatic! Beyond the Stick Figure offers this wonderful course full of a variety of lessons – the overall price is less than $400 (a little daunting), but she also offers a payment plan and you get to use this course FOREVER! Not to mention that with all this course includes, it’s a value of almost $1500!

Below I have included some screen shots to show you what the dashboard and class pages look like.  This first image shows you what the site looks like when you first sign into your account. You’ll see your courses at the very bottom of the page.

On this screenshot, you’ll see the screen that appears after clicking on the course. Each course has separate sections with multiple lessons. As you can see, Bubby is in the first Drawing Part 1 section. You can expand each section to see the different lessons as well. You cannot preview lessons without first going through and clicking “complete” on each lesson. I wanted to look through everything, however my son is very particular about how he likes to do things and it bothered him to see lessons “completed” when he hadn’t done so yet.

In this last screenshot you’ll find one of the lessons from Drawing Part 1 – it’s a small video screen (I would love to see an option to make this full screen at some point) with buttons to move onto the last lesson or continue to the next lesson.

We’ve taken the lessons very slow, Bubby likes to do each lesson a few times to perfect his technique. He’s very particular in how he does things, so while we’ve utilized the lessons multiple times per week, we’ve only reached Lesson 9. I’m however very impressed with how much he has enjoyed learning some new things and getting the opportunity to utilize some “fancy markers” as he likes to call them. Right now he is learning some simple drawing techniques – drawing circles, bubbles, lines and coloring them in in various ways. He’s excited to get to the other subjects later on in the series.

This program includes: Three Drawing sections, three Watercolor sections, three Acrylic sections, and three 3D Design sections. I’m so impressed with her instructional videos, how each lesson is simply laid out and easy for my child to understand. His sisters are excited about taking on some lessons soon as well, they’re just waiting on their own personal art supplies to arrive in the mail!

If you’ve been looking for some art lessons to incorporate into your homeschool curriculum, or if you’re a parent with a child very interested in art… I highly recommend checking this program out! Beyond the Stick Figure is a phenomenal resource for everyone! And I just want to give a personal shout out to Sally, the woman behind this awesome curriculum. I am so thankful for all the work you have put into your site and creating such an amazing resource for our family. I love watching my son doing something he loves and being able to learn so much more than I could ever teach him about art. It’s a gift.

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Beyond the Stick Figure Complete Drawing Course {Beyond the Stick Figure Art School}

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